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The National Academies of Science, Eng ...

HMD’s new web address is part of the Academies’ continuing efforts regarding our recent organizational changes. As a reminder, on March 15, 2016, the Academies division that focuses on health and medicine was renamed the Health and Medicine Division instead of using the name Institute of Medicine. This new name builds on the heritage of the IOM’s work in medicine while emphasizing its increased focus on a wider range of health matters. With this change, HMD is now fully integrated into the broader work of the Academies and will continue to conduct consensus studies and convening activities through the six core boards that were part of the IOM. This integration results from organizational changes that took place in July 2015, at which time the National Academy of Medicine (NAM) joined the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Engineering as the third academy overseeing the program units of the Academies. The NAM has assumed the membership and honorific functions previously held by the IOM, as well as the administration of other activities and initiatives. View the new...

July 15, 2016

Quality-Safety Project Poster

The Quality-Safety Project Poster is an activity designed to expose students to the following processes: 1) identifying a quality-safety problem in the clinical arena; 2) using quality tools to analyze issues; and 3) determining an action plan to address the issues/problems. Students collaborate with team members and present Quality-Safety posters to the entire School of Nursing faculty and student body at the end of each semester. Around the fourth week of the semester, students discuss the quality movement, adverse events and medical errors, the IOM Six Aims, and QSEN competencies in class. Then students form a team of three to work together on a quality-safety project during the remainder of the semester. Students are given 10-20 minutes at the beginning of each class to meet and discuss their projects. The faculty is available during this time and meets with each team to address any questions and provide guidance. Following is an overview of the strategy (see submitted materials for specific student guidelines): • In-class Preparation for the Project: Students view the Lewis Blackman story available at http://qsen.org/faculty-resources/videos/the-lewis-blackman-story/ and review...

May 2, 2016

IHI Open School Online Courses

Title: Online courses to build fundamental improvement and safety skills The IHI Open School provides training, tools, and a vibrant community that will help you and your team improve care. Open School 2 Pager FINAL...

March 31, 2016

NurseTim Webinars

Included under Faculty Resources; you will now have access to a wonderful set of Webinars provided by NurseTim Inc. NurseTim Inc. provides faculty development and continuing education for nurse educators. View...

March 25, 2016