Strategies for Incorporating Rubrics in Assessment of QSEN Competencies


As schools across the country work to integrate the QSEN competencies and requisite knowledge, skills and attitudes into their courses and curricula, questions are now arising about how best to evaluate the extent to which students have achieved them. This module will help you get started creating rubrics to evaluate students’ achievement of QSEN competencies.


Upon completion of this section, you will be able to:

  • Develop rubrics congruent with QSEN competencies
  • Identify a variety of rubric applications
  • Gain greater efficiency in incorporating rubrics with QSEN competencies


  • Susan Conner, MS


Strategies for Incorporating Rubrics in Assessment of QSEN Competencies

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After you have reviewed the module presentations and resources, consider how this material is relevant to your own work and experience. The following is a list of questions for self-reflection or for use in class.

  1. Given the context in which I am teaching, what QSEN KSAs do I want to evaluate with my rubric?
  2. How can I diversify my rubric activities to broaden the scope of QSEN KSAs my students are demonstrating?
  3. How might my rubric help students more intentionally focus on achieving the QSEN competencies?