Enhancing Medication Safety in Clinical: A Video for Students and Nursing Faculty

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This vignette was designed for both faculty and students to learn how to administer medications safely in clinical settings. The vignette demonstrates to nursing faculty how to manage more than one student in clinical and how to manage a medication administration pass for a student while in clinical. This vignette also is designed to explicate teaching strategies for student and faculty when the student isn’t quite prepared or ready to administer medications. This vignette also reviews how to question a student prior to approaching the patient at the bedside and then demonstrates how to empower the students while working with their patients at the bedside. The student demonstrates how to administer the medications safely and ensures the five rights during the process.

Strategy Activity:

Prior to engaging in clinical experiences, the students and or clinical faculty will view the vignette in the nursing lab. Then the students will discuss the aspects of safe medication administration and the five rights of medication administration. The students will be given a MAR (Medication Administration Record) to look up medications (see example). While in the nursing skills lab, the students will prepare the medications and administer medications to their patients. They will utilize drug guide resources and other e-tools to gather important information about their patients. They will also discuss the right situation for these medications, medication reconciliation, and patient data to connect essential patient information. This activity will help the students to learn how to safely administer medications to their patients prior to going live in the clinical setting.

Patient Centered Care
Students will gather information of the medications they are to prepare for their patients in clinical. (Knowledge)

Students will value their knowledge and how dissemination of essential information about their patients’ current medications create a more patient-centered environment. (Knowledge, Attitudes)

Students will utilize drug guides and other e-tools, learn how gather essential information about their medications and be confident when communicating with their clinical instructors about their patients and their medications. (Knowledge, Attitudes)

Students will demonstrate the five rights of medication administration while administering medications in clinical. (Skill)

Students will value own role in providing safe medication administration while in clinical. (Attitude)