1. https://www.medicare.gov/what-medicare-covers/home-health-care/home-health-care-what-is-it-what-to-expect.html#4839 (background on home healthcare)-consumer—This sources gives insight into what home health care is and how it may differ from a skilled home health service. Medicare.gov also identifies what those who require home health care should expect as well as what home health care staff should do for those who qualify for Medicare.
  2.  https://www.medicareinteractive.org/get-answers/medicare-covered-services/home-health-care-benefit-part-a-and-b/types-of-home-health-care-that-medicare-will-pay-for (what Medicare covers/doesn’t cover) Another resource for information about Medicare, medicareinteractive.org can be used as a source to see what Medicare will and will not cover for home health services.  It can also be used to see or compare how much it does cover for those who qualify for Medicare.
  3.  https://www.medicare.gov/coverage/home-health-services.html (what Medicare covers and who may be eligible) Your Medicare coverage on medicare.gov provides information about Medicare covering the cost of home health services. On this page, it covers how often it is covered, who is eligible, and how much it will cost the patient. This resource can also be accessed through the medicare.gov homepage but can be accessed as a shortcut on this page.


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