Little Room of Errors

The goal of this strategy is to allow students to identify as many errors or hazards in a patient environment. Prior to the clinical or laboratory experience, faculty “creates” a patient room that has errors or hazards. This room may have 1 side rail down, water on the floor, patient allergy band stating Morphine and Morphine ordered on an open medication administration record, long cords strung over the patient’s bed, uncapped needles with “blood,” medications not locked up, cigarettes and a lighter in a purse, pills in a purse, etc. The options are endless. The student enters the room and has a certain amount of time to find the errors. If there are a lot of errors, you may give the student 1 minute to determine errors or allow them to roam throughout the room to see the errors. The hospital that set this up for their employees and our students that I participated in had 115 errors in it, so students were allowed to have 15 minutes. After each student does this individually, we discuss what we saw as a group. Then I take the students through as a group and point out errors that were missed by everyone. There is a lot of discussion as to what makes something a hazard or not.