2018 conference

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I sent this email yesterday to qsen.institute@gmail.com as the posted conference contact email and have not received a response.
I am attempting to register for the upcoming conference in Florida and am having very great difficulty. The message on the registration page says “registration will open after January 1, 2018,” but when I click on “registration” it takes be right back to the same page. Therefore, I am unable to register for the conference although today is January 10th.
Also, apparently the agenda is not available until after registration because that page says the conference materials are password protected. It’s rather difficult to determine if I really want to attend without being able to see the conference offerings. I also need to know when the time the conference ends so that I can make hotel and flight arrangements.
Is there a link or page that I am missing? Is it user error on my part?  I attended this conference in Chicago in 2017 and registration was not anywhere near this difficult. It was very easy, very straight forward, and very user friendly.
Please advise so that I can determine if I still want to attend this year.