Competencies appropriate for RN-BSN students

QSEN QuestionsCompetencies appropriate for RN-BSN students
Lynn Erickson, EdD, MSN, RN asked 10 months ago

Competencies appropriate for RN-BSN students

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Robin Weaver, PhD, RN, CNE asked 9 months ago

I am a professor in a RN – BSN completion program.  Thus, our student already have their RN license, however, they wish to obtain their BSN.
Are the pre-licensure competencies the most appropriate or should I use the Grad competencies as the students are licensed as RNs?

Thank you

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QSEN Institute Staff answered 7 months ago

The pre-licensure are most relevant to practicing nurses- but nothing is written in stone- that means that both could be used as a guide for integration to improve care-