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Karen J. Saewert asked 1 year ago

RE:  “Abstract content should be free of agency, trade and/or commercial product names”
Mountain Measurement, Inc. established the NCLEX Program Reports Panel of Nursing [Program Evaluation] Experts in 2016.  Members of the panel are interested in submitting an abstract for the 2018 Forum.
I am seeking a firmer clarification regarding the statement above.  Please confirm our understanding….
This statement directs that MOUNTAIN MEASUREMENT, INC. and/or NCLEX PROGRAM REPORTS could not be referenced in the ABSTRACT.  Correct?
Does this also extend to the actual presentation itself (i.e., no reference to Mountain Measurement, Inc. and/or NCLEX Program Reports?
Thank you in advance for providing this clarification.
Karen J. Saewert, PhD, RN, CPHQ, CNE
Member, Mountain Measurement, Inc./Expert Panel