Respectful Conversations for Difficult Situations

Tool Overview:
Video 1: Overview of Incivility and Bullying in Healthcare
Incivil and Bullying Behaviors Exercise
Language of Collaboration Exercise
Self-Reflection Exercise
Video 2: Approach to Respectful Conversations
Group Discussion
Videos 3: Practice Vignettes
Role-play Exercises

This tool is designed to be used as time permits and can be divided into 2, 2.5, and 4 hour segments. If used as a whole it is completed in one 8 .5 hour day. If used in a combination of online learning and onsite simulation, then the first two segments can be completed online with a facilitated discussion and the final segment can be facilitated during an onsite session.
A room will be needed with projection capabilities for the videos and tables and chairs for large group and small group work. Flip charts, electronic writing board, or other writing system is recommended for group discussion and group work reports.
Download pertinent self-assessments from the Truth Bucket for the Self-Reflection Exercise.
Download, print, and laminate if desired, the Respectful Conversations pocket card and the Mnemonic BE AWARE and Care from the Courage Bucket.
Segment III Simulation Exercises: Consider using standardized participants if available and tablets or other recording devices for video playback.
Consider measuring the level of incivility and bullying in your organization through a dashboard prior to initiating training. A sample dashboard is available in the Truth Bucket and can be modified as needed.