I-SBAR reporting for the nursing student


Students are introduced to the concept of communication and I-SBAR reporting/safe patient handoff through lecture.  To reinforce taught material through application, students are provided with the I-SBAR reporting activity.  Students can complete this I-SBAR activity in lecture as a learning strategy, in a post conference to emphasize the content to the clinical environment, or as an independent study.  This activity can be completed individually, as a group, or both.  Students are given a blank I-SBAR form (attachment 1). Students are required to review nurse statements from a “Shift report handoff” (attachment 2) and apply these statements to the appropriate section on the I-SBAR form.   Students are asked to address critical thinking questions that support patient-centered care, safety, teamwork and collaboration (attachment 3).  Faculty is provided with a grading rubric and an answer key (attachment 4). The time allotted for this activity is 30 minutes.  A debriefing can occur to discuss the activity and critical thinking questions as a group.

This learning strategy relates to quality and safety in education as I-SBAR reporting supports the National Patient Safety Goal #2, “to improve effectiveness of communication among caregivers.”    In addition, with the use of this I-SBAR activity, it allows students and educators the opportunity to assess the value of I-SBAR reporting which will enhance the quality of patient-centered care.