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Quality and Safety Education for Nurses: An Introduction to the Competencies and the Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes

Posted by on Apr 11, 2010 in Teaching Strategies |

This powerpoint presentation is a brief overview for individuals that are unfamiliar with the IOM/QSEN competencies and wish to introduce ideas that promote development of the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that support the competencies.  It includes direct links to helpful resources such as the First Touch web site, to Infection Control Bundles at...

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A template for simulation scenario development that incorporates QSEN competencies

Posted by on Jun 29, 2009 in Teaching Strategies |

Effective simulations engage students in realistic problems that require clinical data and decision-making, along with the opportunity to reflect on their practice. As interest in building simulation cases started to increase across our nursing faculty, it was felt that a design template would be useful to guide development and encourage incorporation of...

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Information Literacy in Nursing

Posted by on Jan 15, 2009 in Teaching Strategies |

When surveyed about how they sought information needed for clinical practice, our students indicated a preference for using internet sources (such as Google) over bibliographic databases such as CINAHL or PubMed. In contrast, our library instruction emphasized how to search the latter sources. Based on this data, we developed an online tutorial that...

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Assessment of Informatics Competencies Nursing Students

Posted by on Jan 5, 2009 in Teaching Strategies |

While information technology abounds in the nursing workplace, many students don’t perceive that they are receiving sufficient formal education about its application in health care (Maag, 2006). Prior to hearing a presentation on nursing informatics in a required nursing fundamentals lecture course, first-semester undergraduate nursing students were asked...

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