Teaching Pre-licensure Nursing Students to Communicate in SBAR in the Clinical Setting

Online Video Vignette


This vignette was designed for both faculty and students to learn how to communicate using SBAR.  The vignette demonstrates to nursing faculty how to manage more than one student in clinical and how to direct each student to gather and then disseminate information in a clear, concise manner utilizing the SBAR format.

The vignette demonstrates to nursing students how they can gather information in clinical and put patient information together to develop a clear and concise communication strategy to speak with other health care team members.


Strategy Activity:

After the students and or faculty have viewed the vignette while in clinical the student needs to practice this skill.  At some point in the clinical day, the student will actually call the clinical faculty on the telephone.  The faculty will role play a health care provider either a nurse practitioner or physician.  The student will communicate in SBAR essential information to their faculty member/healthcare provider.   The faculty/physician will give the student an order or intervention for the student to transcribe.  At the conclusion of this role-play the faculty member and student will debrief and review the verbal encounter and transcription order.  This activity will help the student to learn how to communicate in SBAR and take a verbal physicians order.

Patient Centered Care

Students will identify patient concerns and abnormal findings and communicate in SBAR their assessment.  (Knowledge, Attitudes)


Students will discover how gather essential information and be confident when communicating their findings to the physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, and physicians assistants. (Knowledge, Attitudes)


Students will gather subjective and objective patient data, and will communicate using SBAR a concern or abnormal finding to the physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, and physicians assistants.  (Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes)