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If you haven’t already, please read the Strategy Submission Guidelines.

When submitting and/or attaching documents for your teaching strategy, please de-identify all personal and school-related information. Such as, Name of author, Affiliation, Course Number, etc. 

Author Information

Author first name and last name

Strategy Content

Select one or more competencies that are promoted using your pedagogical strategy
For what level of learner is this strategy designed?
In what setting(s) would this strategy be appropriate?
What descriptor best fits this strategy?
List the QSEN knowledge, skills, or attitudes (KSAs) that your strategy is designed to develop or evaluate.
Describe the strategy and its implementation.
Describe evaluation methods and your assessments (anecdotal or data-based) of learning outcomes and student/faculty satisfaction with this strategy.
If you have additional files or other materials, please indicate where they can be located online. If you prefer to have faculty contact you directly for resources, describe the materials and provide contact information here.