Test Taking Strategies

It is apparent that there is a continual necessity to develop strategies to help engage the online learner and promote successful progression of their learning needs. For the purpose of this project, test-taking strategies are utilized in specific relation to becoming proficient in NCLEX style questions. The NCLEX review course is presented in either the classroom or online forum. Sessions are two hours in length and for the purpose of this project were held via the Adobe Connect system. This can be an effective avenue for study in preparation for the HESI exit examination and for alumni students wishing to review material in preparation of their Ohio Board of Nursing examination. A two-hour session consists of NCLEX review questions and detailed power point presentations teaching students the strategies of test taking. Several topics are covered such as study techniques, anxiety reduction strategies, and specific tools to be a successful test taker. Students are able to participate via a chat room and they can hear the instructor via audio. Students can respond and interact by typing into the chat room. In utilizing the following test taking strategies, students can increase their success as a test-taker specifically concentrating on NCLEX style questions. The major strategies implemented are:

  1. POW-put it in your own words (rewording the question)
  2. KEY WORDS-pick out key words to prioritize responses (best, most, first, initial)
  3. ELIMINATION-using the process of elimination to take out the incorrect responses and derive the correct answer
  4. MASLOW’S HEIRARCHY OF NEEDS-utilization of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to determine priority questions (What does the nurse do first?)
  5. ERIKSONS STAGES OF PSYCHOSOCIAL DEVELOPMENT-to determine age specific questions based on developmental milestones
  6. ADPIE-deriving the correct response by using the nursing process (we assess before we implement)
  7. ABC’s-determining the appropriate answer to a priority question by using Airway-Breathing-Circulation (we protect the airway first)
  8. PHAN-Priority-Hierarchy-ABC’s-Nursing Process (the order in which we use the strategies in a priority question)