2021: Lunch Sessions

2021 QSEN International Forum

January 4, 2021 – June 30, 2021


Group A


This session will review the pain points and obstacles experienced by healthcare systems and how they introduced innovative solutions to deliver care safely and to foster agility and efficiencies in the nursing workforce, including:
– Alternative care delivery models;
– Telehealth and other technologies; and
– Staff reallocation and strategies such as rapid onboarding 


Group B

National Association for Healthcare Quality
During this session, you will hear how your institution can embed NAHQ’s twice–validated healthcare quality competencies into nursing programs at all levels, and ensure faculty are outfitted with the resources to support students’ retention of key learnings.


Group C

Friday Night at the ER
Systems thinking is fundamental to quality improvement efforts and has been suggested as a key element in improving patient safety. Learn how FNER is used as an immersive experience to teach systems thinking, enabling learners to examine their implicit biases and reflect on behaviors that impact patient outcomes. 


Group D

Elsevier Education

Are you looking for ways to integrate the QSEN competencies into your course?  Elsevier Education is inviting all faculty to review and discuss our implementation of the QSEN competencies in our Digital Clinical Experiences™ – developed in full partnership with the QSEN Institute.  Please join us with your questions and feedback about the ease of implementation, potential for time savings, evaluation of outcomes, and any suggestions for potential improvements.


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