2022: Call For Abstracts

Call for Abstracts

The QSEN International Forum is the conference for nurses in academia and practice who ensure that quality and safety competencies are integrated across the continuum of care.

The conference learning outcomes:

Explore the alignment of the QSEN competencies and the new AACN Essentials.

Learn strategies for quality and safety competency integration into undergraduate and graduate curricula and practice settings.

The conference objectives:

Share innovations in education, professional development, and practice to enhance quality and safety in healthcare.

Disseminate quality and safety scholarship.

We will call for abstracts for presentations or posters that describe innovative projects or research related to competencies in healthcare education or practice focused on quality and safety.

Note: We are encouraging emerging nurses (within 5 years of graduation or new to teaching) to submit an abstract to be considered for the Christa Koffel Scholarship award. See https://qsen.org/christa-koffel-scholarship/ for details of the award.

Details for the submission for the 2022 QSEN International Forum. There is a 350-word maximum not including the title. Create your abstract in your word processor to ensure the word limit and then cut and paste into the Cadmium System.

Use the following structure for your abstract:

Abstract Background*

In this section describe the
purpose/goal/aim of the work and why this work is important.

Abstract Methods*

For research, describe the study design, sample, instruments, data collection procedures, and analytic approach
used. For education or practice innovations, describe the innovation and the process of implementation.

Abstract Evaluation/ Results*

In this section, for education,
improvement, and/or research, describe analytic findings including actual
evaluation data. If this is a work in progress, describe how you plan to evaluate the project.

Abstract Implications*

Describe the meaning of your findings
and specific education and/or practice implications. (If appropriate, identify
any relevance or relationship to the AACN Essentials 2021).

Abstract content should be free of agency, trade, and/or commercial product names. An anonymous version of the abstract will be peer-reviewed by at least two quality & safety expert reviewers.

Abstracts will be reviewed by the following criteria:

• Contributes to the 2022 QSEN International Forum objectives.

• Purpose is clearly stated.

• The methods are appropriate for the study, program, or project.

• The results from the study, program, or project reported are specific to QSEN competencies.

• The work is innovative and would be of interest to others.

• The abstract is organized, clear, and concise without typographical errors.

Please note that all submissions are final; you will not be able to edit your entry once the form has been submitted. Please make sure your information is complete and accurate.

If you have any problems using this form or have any questions about the submission process, please feel free to contact qsen@case.edu.

Call for Abstracts open November 1, 2021

and close January 31, 2022.

Notice of acceptance will be no later than March 28, 2022.

Please plan on joining us in Denver, Colorado June 1-3, 2022.

Click here for a presentation “Presenting at QSEN: Tips and Tricks for a Successful Presentation” or the image below.