2022: Posters

2022 QSEN International Forum

June 1-3, 2022


Session IDPresentation TitleCourse NameCompetenciesPresenter
Poster 01A Competency-Based Evaluation Framework to Assess QSEN Teaching StrategiesPoster SessionAll of the aboveDanielle Walker
Poster 02A High-Reliability Approach Using the QSEN Framework that Transformed Nursing Competency ValidationPoster SessionAll of the aboveJessica Phillips
Poster 03A Local Process Improvement Focused On Level Of Patient Supervision DeterminationsPoster SessionSafetyAngie Ruggeri
Poster 04Factors influencing the role of the RN in primary care:QSEN ImplicationsPoster SessionRebecca Mitchell
Poster 05Aligning QSEN Competencies with AACN Essentials: Evaluation of a course on Informatics & Tech HealthPoster SessionInformaticsJean Scholz Mellum
Poster 06Ambulatory Care Nurse Education; An approach to workforce development.Poster SessionPatient Centered CareShayla Holcomb
Poster 07An Innovative BSN Program: Introducing Quality & Safety through Health Policy and LeadershipPoster SessionTeamwork and CollaborationMeredith Ford
Poster 08Clinical Instruction in the COVID Age: Immersive Simulations Enhance Psychiatric Nursing EducationPoster SessionAll of the aboveDavid Foley
Poster 09Clinical Judgement in Undergraduate Nursing Students: An Integrative ReviewPoster SessionPatient Centered CareLaQuisa Winters
Poster 10Concept Mapping Approach to Ethical Decision-making Using the MORAL ModelPoster SessionPatient Centered CareDonna Rose
Poster 11Cultivating Critical Thinking: A Path to Improved Patient Outcomes Through Cognitive Bias CognizancePoster SessionPatient Centered CareChristina Segreti
Poster 12Cultivating A Culture of Health to Promote Quality Care: A Wellness Center for Nursing StudentsPoster SessionSafetyDanielle Walker
Poster 13DNP Students as Part of a Pediatric Sub-specialty Interdisciplinary Quality Improvement TeamPoster SessionQuality ImprovementJennifer Hamilton
Poster 14Developing Emotional Intelligence Around End-of-Life Wishes for Baccalaureate Nursing StudentsPoster SessionPatient Centered CareDanielle Larkin
Poster 15Effective Treatment of Substance Use Disorder: Education on Post-family Behavior-ApproachPoster SessionQuality ImprovementGideon Nnabuike
Poster 16Electrocardiogram Simulation Program for Nursing Students to Improve Recognition of DysrhythmiasPoster SessionInformaticsSarah Alexander
Poster 17Enhancing the quality of nursing care for older adults: The Impact of Mask-Ed™ SimulationPoster SessionPatient Centered CareJoAnn Crownover
Poster 18Ensuring QI Competence: Impact of Undergraduate Students on Veteran Colorectal ScreeningPoster SessionQuality ImprovementMeghan Lee
Poster 19Escape Room for Undergraduate Gerontological Nursing ClassPoster SessionPatient Centered CareSarah Bassitt
Poster 20Failure to Rescue-A Pre-Capstone SimulationPoster SessionSafetyJulie Lindsay
Poster 21Findings from a QSEN informatics scoping review: Implications for teaching the new essentialsPoster SessionInformaticsAmanda Kratovil
Poster 22Fostering Risk Reduction Through the Utilization of Root Cause AnalysisPoster SessionSafetyMargaret McElligott
Poster 23Frontline Defense Scenarios to Prevent Safety Errors, an Educational StrategyPoster SessionSafetyAngela Schooley
Poster 24Graduate and undergraduate nursing students work together to escape virtual hospitalPoster SessionTeamwork and CollaborationMaureen Baker
Poster 25Illness-wellness continuum model as a foundation for health profession educationPoster SessionPatient Centered CareShu-Yi Wang
Poster 26Immersive Clinical Experiences: Preparing First-Semester Nursing Students for Client CarePoster SessionPatient Centered CareJennifer Ledlow
Poster 27Implementation of Age-Friendly Health Care Education to ensure Person-Centered Care CompetencePoster SessionPatient Centered CareHaley Kuhner
Poster 28Implementation of a problem-based simulation & peers as patients to promote clinical decision makingPoster SessionAll of the aboveKristine Ruggiero
Poster 29Improving Understanding of Clinical Judgement using Multiple Paper Patients in the Nursing ClassroomPoster SessionPatient Centered CareJudith Wilson
Poster 30Infusing QSEN Competencies and AACN Essentials into a Teaching Activity for Nursing StudentsPoster SessionSafetyRachel Derr
Poster 31Innovation and Design Thinking Education: Evaluation of Graduate Nursing Curriculum ContentPoster SessionPatient Centered CareAkkeNeel Talsma
Poster 32Innovative Pedagogy in a Concurrent and RN-BSN Online ProgramPoster SessionAll of the aboveTanya Johnson
Poster 33Integrating QSEN competencies in an undergraduate nursing management course in Costa Rica.Poster SessionQuality ImprovementAna Solano-López
Poster 34Interprofessional Education and Team Based Care: A Discharge Planning SimulationPoster SessionTeamwork and CollaborationMary Mckay
Poster 35It takes a village: Employing collaborative partnerships to improve clinical educationPoster SessionQuality ImprovementErin Robinson
Poster 36Leading with QSEN: A BSN Leadership and Management Clinical InnovationPoster SessionAll of the aboveKeitha Griffith
Poster 37Learning with RATS!Poster SessionTeamwork and CollaborationLori Rae Hamilton
Poster 38Leveraging QSEN and Baccalaureate Essentials to Create Meaningful Clinical Performance ToolsPoster SessionAll of the aboveSamantha Schmitz
Poster 39Leveraging Technology for Co-Production and Co-Learning for Competency Based EducationPoster SessionTeamwork and CollaborationMeghan Lee
Poster 40Mindfulness Techniques To Increase Needlestick Safety and Self-CarePoster SessionSafetySuemede Lawrence
Poster 41Multicultural Care That Aligns QSEN, Magnet/Pathways, and AACN Concepts to Put Patients FirstPoster SessionPatient Centered CareDeborah Mathias
Poster 42New Graduate Nurses Perceive Patient Safety Culture More Positively Than Experienced NursesPoster SessionSafetyJie Chen
Poster 43Non-Traditional Teaching Strategies for Virtual Learners: A Customized QI Learning ExperiencePoster SessionQuality ImprovementEmily Tsivitse
Poster 44Nosocomial Hypoglycemia Management Bundle for Acute CarePoster SessionEvidence Based PracticeReni Mattathil
Poster 45Nursing Student’s Informatics Competency Levels Post Documentation Modules: A Mixed Methods AnalysisPoster SessionInformaticsEllen Gajewski
Poster 46Organ and Tissue Donation: An On-Line Learning Platform for Undergraduate Nursing StudentsPoster SessionAll of the aboveLinda Heitman
Poster 47Patients as Educators: Teaching Healthy AgingPoster SessionPatient Centered CareDonna McCabe
Poster 48Peer Support: Applying Emotional (and Spiritual) First AidePoster SessionEvidence Based PracticeElaine Webb
Poster 49Policy Analysis of School-Based Mental Health Models for Recommending Replication and Policy ChangePoster SessionQuality ImprovementCaroline Kemp
Poster 50Promoting QSEN Competencies through a Radiology Immersion for Undergraduate Nursing StudentsPoster SessionAll of the aboveLaura Goliat
Poster 51QSEN-Based ADN Curriculum Revision Process: Relevance to AACN New Essentials ImplementationPoster SessionAll of the aboveValerie Posey
Poster 52Recommendations into Actions: Updates on an Initiative to Improve Quantitative Education in NursingPoster SessionEvidence Based PracticeAnna Wendel
Poster 53Rural Engagement for Veterans to Increase Video Encounters (REVIVE).Poster SessionQuality ImprovementKolu Baysah Clark
Poster 54Suicide Risk Simulation for Undergraduate Nursing StudentsPoster SessionSafetyEsther Gravis
Poster 55The Next Frontier in Quality Improvement: Innovation and Design ThinkingPoster SessionQuality ImprovementMary Dolansky
Poster 56Mentoring Program Initiative for New Nursing FacultyPoster SessionTeamwork and CollaborationHope Szypulski
Poster 57Using QSEN Competencies to Guide Evidence-Informed PolicyPoster SessionAll of the aboveHollie Gentry
Poster 58Using Virtual Simulation to Teach Patient Environmental SafetyPoster SessionSafetyPatricia Schaefer
Poster 59Utilizing Unfolding Pharmacological Case Studies for Caring for Patients with CancerPoster SessionPatient Centered CareDanielle Larkin
Poster 60Assessing Students Readiness for Interprofessional Collaboration through an Unfolding Case StudyPoster SessionPamela Cook
Poster 61Decreasing the Incidence of Postoperative Corneal AbrasionsRapid FireCindy Kwok
Poster 62Developing A VA Dashboard for Operational CommunicationRapid FireDionne Williams
Poster 63Doll therapy for dementia patients to reduce neuropsychiatric symptoms (NPS) and reduce fallsRapid FireAngie Filipiak
Poster 64Emergency Department Medication Reconciliations: A Quality Improvement Project on Medication SafetyRapid FireKisha Pickford
Poster 65Increasing Kangaroo Mother Care by Identifying Barriers and Standardizing KMC ProcessesRapid FireSherita Etheridge
Poster 66Quality Improvement Project to Improve Dyspnea Palliation at End-of-LifeRapid FireAlaina Wirt
Poster 67Competency-based care transitions curricula for prelicensure nursing educationRapid FireMichael Mosley
Poster 68Educational Quality Improvement and “Health for All”: Training-the-TrainerRapid FireStephanie Hammond
Poster 69Enhancing Undergraduate Nursing Students’ QI Competency: A Diabetes Prevention Outreach ProgramRapid FireKatherine Schade
Poster 70Implementation of a Best Practice Advisory Clinical Workflow to Support Smoking CessationRapid FireKatharine Ruestow
Poster 71Interdisciplinary Studies in Palliative Care: Aligning QSEN and Essentials CompetenciesRapid FireMonica Hall
Poster 72COVID-19 Visitor Restrictions in Adult ICUs Impacting Safety, Quality, and Patient-Centered CareRapid FireKerry Milner
Poster 73Creating Antiracist Case StudiesRapid FireKathleen Mullen
Poster 74Empowering Nurses to Activate Rapid Response TeamsRapid FireElicia EgozcuOchoa
Poster 75ReEngineered Discharge Initiative in Skilled Nursing Facility to Decrease 30-Day Re-admission RatesRapid FireRuby Panju-Merali
Poster 76The Feasibility of an Online Intervention to Increase End-of-Life Directives During a PandemicRapid FireBenjamin Keigley
Poster 77A Simulated Quality Improvement Teaching Strategy for RN-BSN Mobility StudentsRapid FireSarah Coiner
Poster 78Bringing Bedside Informatics to the ClassroomRapid FireMallory Brunel
Poster 79Innovatively Connecting the Quality Improvement Process Across Baccalaureate CoursesRapid FireMallory Brunel
Poster 80Patient Safety: Objective Structured Clinical Examination Use for Medication Rights in SimulationRapid FireSara Morandini
Poster 81QSEN Competency Validation – Learning Management System InnovationRapid FireKathleen Feldman