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Abstract Submission

Enter the text of your abstract by entering information in each of the sections provided. You may type directly into the area or cut/paste your content from a .txt or .rtf file or paste directly from MS Word. The abstract is a brief summary of your work that includes the background, methods, evaluation, and implications of your work. The abstract is limited to 350 words total in the background, methods, evaluation, and implication sections, not 350 words in each section. Abstracts longer than 350 words will not be reviewed.
In this section describe the purpose/goal/aim of the work and why this work is important.
For research, describe the study design, sample, instruments, data collection procedures, and analytic approach used. For education or practice innovations, describe the innovation, and the process of implementation.
In this section, for both research and innovation projects, describe analytic findings including actual evaluation data. If this is a work in progress, describe how you plan to evaluate the project.
Describe the meaning of your findings and specific education and/or practice implications.