AHI Sponsors “Doing Research at the Front Line of Improving Healthcare” Conference

Academy for Healthcare Improvement (AHI) is excited to sponsor a conference entitled “Doing Research at the Front Line of Improving Healthcare” to engage and educate the workforce required to advance QI research to improve the quality, safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of healthcare. The specific aims of this conference are to: 1) provide research design and methodology learning on healthcare delivery system interventions that can be applied in real-world practice settings, 2) provide methods of measurement of health and healthcare quality, cost and value, focusing on data that are relevant to patients and actionable by clinicians, patients and researchers, 3) disseminate robust methods of evaluating the success of QI research interventions, 4) disseminate robust methods of learning from and disseminating QI research results, and 5) provide ways to enhance the scholarly foundation and funding policies of QI research to further increase the credibility of the science. For more information, to register, and/or to submit an abstract (deadline February 27, 2013), please visit the AHI website