Coding Practice Using ICD-10 for Nurse Practitioner Students

Submitter Information

Author: Beth Vottero, PhD, RN, CNE
Title: Associate Professor
Institution: Purdue University Northwest

Competency Category(s)

Learner Level(s)
Graduate Students

Learner Setting(s)

Strategy Type
Online or Web-based Modules

Learning Objectives

Value the importance of standardized terminologies in conducting searches for patient information
Describe and critique taxonomic and terminology systems used in national efforts to enhance interoperability of information systems and knowledge management systems

Strategy Overview

Family Nurse Practitioner students have little opportunity to work with ICD-10 coding prior to clinical experiences. Feedback from FNP students identified a need to incorporate more background information and introduction to ICD-10 coding of patient presentations. A discussion question was created for an online graduate Nursing Informatics course to introduce these students to ICD-10 coding in a non-threatening manner to help students gain insights into how to correctly code, then interpret, a patient’s presentation. The discussion question is attached as a file. The instructor helps students to make the link between the ICD-10 codes and standardized nursing language (NIC/NOC, NANDA, etc.) by having student access the provided websites. The instructor can encourage students to continue the discussion using ICD-10 codes to follow-up with the patient over time and can guide students to continue coding a patient based on what they would expect to see during follow-up clinic visits.

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Evaluation Description

Students are evaluated using a standard discussion evaluation tool based on the initial response, level of engagement with classmates, number of posts and quality of posts. A rubric used for this discussion is provided with the discussion question.