Informatics Bibliography



Whitehead, D., K., Lynne, E. B., Kleier, H. (2016). Development and testing of an insturments to measure informatics knowledge, skills, and attitudes among entry-level nursing students. Journal of Nursing Informatics (OJNI), 20(2) available at

Instrument: KSANI: Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes towards Nursing Informatics

Overview: Development of a reliable and valid instrument based on the QSEN competencies to test the informatics knowledge, skills, and attitudes of current RN students

Reliability: The data were subjected to Cronbach’s test to estimate the level of reliability in internal consistency. At 0.90, the alpha for the overall scale

Notes: four factors, educational opportunity to apply informatics, knowledge of informatics, informatics skills confidence, and attitude toward informatics, all of which have a high internal consistency and reliability


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