Teamwork and Collaboration


Civility Tool-kit: Resources to Empower Healthcare Leaders to Identify, Intervene, and Prevent Workplace Bullying.  

  • The materials, 3 videos, the guide, and pocket card are all in the Courage Bucket–Here is a direct link:                   
  • The videos are also directly accessible via YouTube.

Stopbullyingnurses: Staggering numbers of nurses at all levels, student, new hires and even experienced nurses, have reported workplace bullying.  Stopbullyingnurses is a campaign working to reduce the incidences of workplace bullying by bringing light to the issue and providing resources to improve.  Visit their website to see all they offer:

PACERS: The Passionate About Creating Environments of Respect and Civilities (PACERS) Toolkit provide resources meant to empower healthcare workers to identify, intervene and prevent workplace bullying.  PACERS use the Social-Ecological Model to assess interactions between individuals in the workplace for potential issues or incidences of bullying. For how-to instructions and more resources, visit:

The videos and guide are free to the users with attribution as noted. Permission not required.  

Relation Coordination (RC) Survey

  • measures individuals ability to identify their role in the healthcare team and how it relates to other team members
  • assess how effectively teams are able to work together
  • for more information, visit the website:

American Academy of Nursing Resources


Team Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety (STEPPS) is a new evidence-based collection of tools created by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) to improve communication and teamwork skills for healthcare professionals.  AHRQ has included a curriculum on how to integrate the principles into a healthcare team setting.  There are a variety of materials that can be applied to specific situations based on patient and healthcare team needs. 

The national conference is being held in Cleveland, Ohio on June 14-16, 2017 with a day of preconference trainings and workshops on June 13.