Poster PDFs

2017 Poster Presenter List

1. Abraham. VA Interprofessional Collaborative Practice Model

2. Abuatiq. E-Learning in Nursing Effectiveness of Shadow Health Pharmacology

4. Badowski. MI Simulation. Mag Mile V5

6. Boehm. Implementation of ICU Recovery Groups to Reduce the Burden.

7. Brown. Quality and Safety Drving EBP Improvement in Perioperative Nursing

10. Applying QSEN in Simulation Clinical

11. Christopher. At work but not present. Nurse perceptions of quality and safety

12. Clutter. Integrating QSEN in an undergraduate simulation experience

13. Cockerham. Three consecutive 12 hour workdays.

15. Costello-Kozuch. ICU Diabetic Team.

16. Reimagining the QSEN Framework

17. David. Delivering Safe, Quality Nursing Care

18. Delinski. Apps at Bedside.

21. Dunham. Increasing Patient and Family Engagement to Reduce Fall Incidences.

22. Ebersole. A critical appraisal of Patient Safety.

23.Elliott Shaughnessy. Embedding QSEN Competencies in an integrated concept and competency based curriculum

24. Fleming. Interprofessional Education for Nurse-led Falls Prevention

25. Hill. Alderman. Using QSEN KSAs in a Graduate Course Aiming at Improving Qaulity, Safety and Outcomes in Healthcare Systems

27. Galuska. A High Reliability Approach to use QSEN Framework

28. Gartner. Hot Dog! Innovative Strategy for Teaching Process Improvement

31. Hande.Hopkins. Influencing Legislators to improve health care system.

32. Hansbrough. Multipatient Quality and Safety Simulation Experience.

33. James. Inter-professional scholar program

34. Kahle. Beating the QSEN Drum

36. Assessing Nursing Handoffs. Eun Man

38. Kinner. Linking QSEN Competencies in High Fidelity Simulation to promote safe pcc

39. Kowalski_Anthony. Evolution of Patient Safety Through Analysis of 115 Years of The American Journal of Nursing

40. Krivanek. Incivility Resources.

41. Kurapati. Utilizing Statisical Process Control.

42. Lanz. Communicating Patient Status

43. LaVigne. Under Construction-Redesignng the Clinical Precepted Experience.

44. Lee. High Fidelity Patient Simulation.

45. Leland. Using Simulation to Incorporate Quality and Safety Communication Goals

46. Letourneau. Medication Safety in an Accelerated BSN Program

47. Lockett. Decreasing Blood Culture Contaimination in the Emergency Room

49. Maloney. Developing Teamwork and Collaboration.

50. Masters. Assessing Communication and Teamwork

51. McCabe. Enhancing Medication Safety Teaching through remediation and reflection

52. McCaskey. Brining High Reliability to the Bedside.

53. Milner. Using QSEN Competencies of EBP and Patient Centered Care

56. Minchoff. Teamwork and Collaboration

57. ODonnell.Creative Curriculum Redesign.

58. Oliver. NCLEX

59. Pildis. Improving Quality Patient Care

60. Pittman. Using Case Studies and Simulation to Improve Clinical Reasoning.

61. Green. Integration of Applied Healthcare Improvement Curriculum

62. Renna. Using Simulation to Enhance Critical Thinking, Communication Skills and Safety with beginning level Nursing Students

65. Sanford and Argenbright. International Collaboration

66. Santana. Knowledge of PS in Primary Health Care Brazil

67. Scipione. Seeing Practice as Process.

68. Moving from a Culture of Blame to a Just culture Creating a safety event reporting and learning tool

69. Silver Dunker. Creating an Elder Centered Care Environment.

70. Silver Dunker. Nursing Faculty Development

71. Solari-Twadell. Zurek. Collaborative Testing-Gamification

73. Stalter. Incivility.

74. Tippin.Applying QSEN Competencies to System-Based Learning

76. Enhancing Systems. Trent.

75. Tovar.Ossege. QSEN in DNP Education. Exemplars for Education and Practice

77. WattersLemingLeeWatters. QI and Patient Safety. Teamwork approach to Student Learning

78. M. Wolfe QSEN Conference Poster

79. Yeh. Sherwood. Using Online Deliberate Practice to develop interprofessional communication skills.

80. Zellefrow. Forging the Road to Quality and Ssafety in RN to BSN Education

81. Zellefrow. EBP Immersion Program

82. Ziebert. The Use of Cognitive Rehearsal with Nurses to Reduce Bullying.

83. Zonsius. Improving Care for Older Adults