Eight Week MIndfulness Program for Nursing Students

Submitter Information

Author: Constance M. Green, MS, MS, RN, NPP
Title: Associate Professor
Institution: Suffolk County Community College
Email: greenc@sunysuffolk.edu
Coauthors: Colleen L. Prunier MS, RN CNS, Assistant Professor

Competency Category(s)
Patient-Centered Care, Safety, Teamwork and Collaboration

Learner Level(s)
Pre-Licensure ADN/Diploma, Pre-Licensure BSN

Learner Setting(s)
Classroom, Clinical Setting

Strategy Type
General Strategy

Learning Objectives


Value continuous improvement of own
communication and conflict resolution skills



-Value teamwork and the relationships upon which it is based.

-Value different  styles of communication used by patients,
families and health care providers 



-Describe factors that create a culture of safety.

-Demonstrate effective use of strategies to
reduce risk of harm to self or others.


-Appreciate the cognitive and physical limits of human performance.

-Value own role in preventing errors

Strategy Overview

This is an eight session Mindfulness Program for nursing students. It can be used in
clinical setting or small classroom setting.

The purpose was to introduce the practice of mindfulness to nursing students in
order to prepare them to deliver quality, effective, and safe nursing care with
compassion in a non-judgmental manner and to promote professionalism, teamwork,
self-awareness, and critical thinking.

The program includes weekly topic readings and discussions as well as brief sitting
meditation practice. The weekly topics included: Orientation; Being Fully
Present; Responding Mindfully Without Judgment; Teamwork, Compassion;
Communication; Balanced Life; and Closure.

We have used this program in our Mental Health course during clinical. It takes
approximately 30 minutes each week. Permission was obtained from the author to
play the 10 minute CD Sitting Meditation
Mindfulness Meditation CD
(Series 2) by Jon Kabat-Zinn. Permission would be the responsibility
of anyone interested.  

Submitted Materials

Additional Materials

Evaluation Description

1) This activity can be evaluated on the basis of the students’ ability to thoughtfully discuss
the weekly questions at the end of each weekly session, and  the students’ ability to identify benefits of mindfulness in nursing practice

2) This activity can also be evaluated by use of pre and post measurement of student’s level of
mindfulness. We have used Kirk Brown’s “Mindfulness Attention Awareness Scale