Fundamentals of Data Interpretation

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Module 1: Developing Measures for Quality Improvement
Module 2: Refresher on Critical Math Concepts for Quality Improvement
Module 3: Displaying Data Over Time & Types of Variation
Module 4: Creating and Interpreting Run Charts
Module 5: Introduction to Statistical Process Control Charts

Our distinguished faculty for the modules is Dr. Mark Splaine who has over 20 years of experience in teaching quality improvement and safety science at the school of medicine at Dartmouth Hitchcock  Medical Center and the VA Quality Scholars program.  He is an author of publications including the  book  “Problem-based Learning and Improvement.” Dr. Splaine has been developing educational experiences for health professional learners since 1995.  He has taught at the undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate level course related to the measurement and improvement of health care quality improvement. Dr. Splaine serves as a consultant to the QSEN Institute.This course provides health professionals with knowledge and skills related to constructing and/or identifying measures for quality improvement; displaying data over time; understanding sources of variation by creating and interpreting run charts and control charts; and using knowledge from chart interpretation to inform quality improvement efforts.  The course consists of five modules (these can be taken in sequence or individually).  All modules are self-paced and involve experiential learning using cases and data.  The expected time for completing each module is approximately 120 minutes.  Continuing education credits are available for successful module completion, and a certificate is provided to those who complete all five modules.


“I definitely agree these modules are good for DNP students. I have benefited from this content to be sure and I will be able to put this knowledge to work immediately. Thank you!!”
~Kathi Zarubi, VP/Chief Nursing Officer, Honor Health

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