Take the Lead on Healthcare Quality Improvement


This course presents the concepts and processes of quality improvement (QI) and the importance of QI in improving patient outcomes. Its aim is to enhance the competence of working healthcare professionals to lead and participate in interprofessional healthcare teams that are focused on quality improvement.


The QSEN Institute will soon be offering an online course entitled “Fundamentals of Data Interpretation for Quality Improvement.”  This course is meant to provide health professionals with knowledge and skills related to constructing and/or identifying measures for quality improvement; displaying data over time; understanding sources of variation by creating and interpreting run charts and control charts; and using knowledge from chart interpretation to inform quality improvement efforts.  The course consists of five modules (these can be taken in sequence or individually).  All modules are self-paced, and involve experiential learning using cases and data.  The expected time for completing each module is 60 minutes.  Continuing education credits are available for successful module completion, and a certificate is provided to those who complete all five modules.