Quality Improvement


  1. http://www.homehealthquality.org/Education/Best-Practices.aspx
    • Home Health Quality Improvement (HHQI) operates its own website and includes best practice interventions to educate healthcare professionals about the best available practices derived from research.  Each topic is centered around various health issues and can accessed by clicking on which topic best interests you.  Educational material includes online modules and videos.  Registration to HHQI University or payment is required in order to access full content for this source.
  1. http://www.homehealthquality.org/Home.aspx
    • Home Health Quality Improvement (HHQI) homepage will get you started with information about its program that aims to improve the quality of home health care for patients.  This source provides you with news and updates about quality improvement as well as campaign resources that help educate healthcare professionals regarding best practices.
  1. http://journals.lww.com/homehealthcarenurseonline/pages/default.aspx
    • Home Healthcare and Medicare Fraud Strike Force brings attention to fraud in Home healthcare. In this article, statistics are discussed about where fraud is taking place, how many people are affected, and how much this can cost due to improper payments. With the rise of home health care, fraud can be a devastating event to those in need of Home Healthcare.
  1. http://www.ismp.org/
    • The Institute for Safe Medication Practices is a great website for resources about medication. This website offers information about Education and awareness, news and events, industry, FDA medication safety alerts, and provides medication safety tools that can be utilized for home health care.
  1. http://qsen.org/
    • The QSEN institute is run by Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing at Case Western Reserve University and stands for Quality and Safety Education for Nurses.  The goal of QSEN is to provide education to nurses to improve quality and safety within the Healthcare setting.


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