IHI Accepts Abstracts from VA Quality Scholars (VAQS) Advanced Fellowship Program

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement has accepted two abstracts from the VA Quality Scholars (VAQS) Advanced Fellowship Program for oral presentations at their December 5-6, 2010 annual international forum.

One abstract evaluated the discharge process as assessed by physician/nurse teams at all VAQS sites. The second examined the effect of an interprofessional team to improve access to a specialty clinic.

The process used to accomplish the work described by the abstracts represents innovative interprofessional collaboration between physician and nurse fellows, as well as between physician and nurse faculty. The acceptance of these abstracts recognizes early benefits resulting from the innovative interprofessional curriculum of the VA Quality Scholars Advanced Fellowship Program. Nursing faculty who support VAQS scholars are supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation-funded QSEN (Quality and Safety Education for Nurses) initiative.

Over the past decade, VA’s National Quality Scholars (VAQS) Advanced Fellowship has provided a two-year post-residency fellowship in healthcare quality improvement in which physicians learn to develop and apply new knowledge for the ongoing improvement of healthcare services for VA and the Nation. Six VA medical centers (Birmingham, Cleveland, Iowa City, Nashville, San Francisco, and White River Junction) participate in this program. Nurse fellows recently joined the program in July, 2009 to enhance inter-professional training.