Just Culture Assessment Tool – Nursing Education


The Just Culture Assessment Tool is a valid and reliable instrument developed to measure just culture within nursing academia. This 27-item, Likert scale instrument measures 6 concepts reflective of just culture; Feedback and Communication About Events, Openness and Communication, Fairness/ Balance, Quality of the Safety Related Reporting Event, Continuous Improvement Process, and Fair Reporting.

Publication describing the development and validation of the JCAT-NE

Nurse Educator, 44 (5), 261-264. Free download:

Development and Validation of the Just Culture Assessment Tool for Nursing Education

Publication Describing nursing students’ perceptions of just culture in nursing education

Nurse Educator, 45 (3), 133-138. Free download:

Nursing Students’ Perceptions of Just Culture in Nursing Programs: A Multisite Study

Just Culture Assessment Tool- Nursing Education (JCAT-NE)

Thinking about the nursing program you are enrolled in, please indicate your agreement or disagreement with the

following statements. Download the JCATNE