Medication Administration Activity (Competency Assessment)

Submitter Information

Author: Terri Briggs, MSN, RN, CNE
Title: Sr. Assistant Professor
Institution: Mercy College of Nursing and Health Sciences – Southwest Baptist University

Competency Category(s)
Patient-Centered Care, Safety

Learner Level(s)
Pre-Licensure ADN/Diploma

Learner Setting(s)
Skills or Simulation Laboratories

Strategy Type
General Strategy

Learning Objectives

Safely administer medications utilizing clinical reasoning and data assessment along with proper administration techniques.

Strategy Overview

This medication activity presents the student with a SBAR report, VS, labs and a MAR with 3-4 medications listed. Students must evaluate client data and identify concerns for medication administration. Students must correctly calculate rate of medication administration and administer medications appropriately.

Submitted Materials


Additional Materials

I have included the directions for students, faculty, rubric for grading, and the medication activity which consists of 4 scenarios. This medication activity is utilized with 4th semester students in their final Nursing Interventions course.

Evaluation Description

A goal for this activity was to get students to utilize the Learning Resource Center for skill practice on a more frequent basis. By attaching points to the activity, students are more eager to practice their skills which improves their competency level in the clinical environment.
A grading rubric is provided for students and faculty. The students are given the rubric and directions on line prior to the activity. This is a 6 point activity for us. The activity is broken into clinical reasoning and psychomotor skill, with 3 points for reasoning and 3 points for the skill demonstration. The students get 3 points for correctly identifying medications that should be administered based on pt data, withholding meds when parameters are written into the order (eg- SBP below 100mm Hg hold the beta blocker) or identifying if the HCP needs to be contacted regarding medications due to safety concerns.
The students receive 3 points for administering the medications utilizing the 7 rights within a 20 minute time frame.