Perinatal Unfolding Case Study

Submitter Information

Author: Mary Lou Gies, MSN, RN
Title: Assistant Professor
Institution: La Salle University

Competency Category(s)
Patient-Centered Care, Safety, Teamwork and Collaboration

Learner Level(s)
Pre-Licensure BSN

Learner Setting(s)
Classroom, Clinical Setting, Skills or Simulation Laboratories

Strategy Type
Online or Web-based Modules

Learning Objectives

1.  To descibe the knowledge related to patient-centered care is demonstrated
through patient teaching sessions throughout the perinatal period. Suicide and
depression screening incorporate important safety measures to prevent negative
outcomes of the high-risk obstetrical patient.

2.  To apply attitudes, beliefs and values of the professional nurse when caring
for patients of different social backgrounds are addressed. Respect and support
of the patient, and how they can impact the quality of patient care, is
included. Used as described above, this exercise can improve the competency of
the pre-licensure nursing student. 

Strategy Overview

This unfolding perinatal case study takes the learner from the initial prenatal
visit of a patient with many risk factors and complications through the
perinatal period. Through this exercise, the pre-licensure learner can describe
and apply safe and quality care to the patient whcih can lead to a positive

This exercise can be used in a variety of ways. It can be used as an alternative to the traditional lecture. The scenario
can be broken down and used in segments based on the material to be covered.
This teaching strategy can also be used as an out of class assignment and
reviewed in class. Alternatively, it can be used as a review exercise in its
entirety at the end of the semester to prepare for the final exam. Upon
completion of the pre-licensure nursing program, the case study can be used to
review maternity material in preparation for the NCLEX exam. NCLEX style questions
are included.

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Additional Materials

Evaluation Description

Evaluation of learning using the unfolding case study was presented in the following ways.
Questions are posed throughout the presentation to stimulate discussion.
Application of the QSEN KSAs are described. Practice multiple-choice questions
are included at the end of the presentation, to evaluate learning. This
teaching strategy could enhance student and teacher satisfaction by providing
an alternative learning experience.