The Lewis Blackman Story – Student Feedback

UNC-Chapel Hill School of Nursing faculty members Denise Hirst and Shielda Rodgers showed Videos A-B of the Lewis Blackman Story to a class of BSN students and facilitated a large-group discussion using questions from the associated sets plus additional questions pertaining to leadership issues.

The faculty requested written, anonymous feedback at the end of this session, focused on this learning opportunity’s impact and value. This resulted in 38 student responses, all but one of which was positive (with that response addressing worry about being a “young, new nurse” if that was viewed as part of the problem that caused Lewis’s death). We have included below a few of the anonymous student responses that represented the predominant themes:

“This video was powerful. Take home message – believe the patient and the family. It’s not about the staff – it’s all about meeting the needs of the patient.”

“Extremely eye-opening, great video for nursing students to watch.”

“The video was very moving and a wake-up call for us new nurses to keep our eye on the ball: the patient’s condition. It was also very convincing in its plea for nurses to listen to their patients’ and families’ concerns and take them seriously and speak up and be assertive when necessary.”

“This video made me think and analyze how nurses need to really be attentive to what they are doing.”

“Movie makes me angry that all the child’s signs were missed and so many errors could error. The parents were lied to!”

“Had a major impact on me. Excellent video.”

“Had a very big impact. Great message.”

“How side effects of medicine are often treated casually by healthcare members when they are so important to patients really made me think and appreciate the perception of the patient. It was good to hear the perception of the patient’s family.”

“I think it’s very powerful and haunting and this should be shown to all nursing students.”

“Very helpful and memorable. I will never forget this.”

“I thought this was a very powerful video.”

“Great video! It had a huge impact on me!”

“Video-this was an excellent video that should be shown to all nursing students @ UNC.”

“Why did it take days to get new orders? Absolutely awful what happened to her son and the lack of care the one nurse provided!”

“Very powerful! Could be turned into a more interactive case studies with students working in groups and analysis of the case.”

“Wonderful; sad/ informative. More clips of patient presented cases will be helpful for improving quality of care.”

For suggested strategies on using these videos in your own teaching, see our section of information for faculty.