QSEN Newsletter: April 2021


Learn Cutting Edge Quality & Safety Strategies

January 4 to June 30, 2021 • Virtual Forum

The Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) International Forum is designed to attract nursing leaders in academia and practice to:

  • Share innovations or research in teaching strategies or curricular design that enhance QSEN competency integration in academic and practice settings.
  • Share innovations or research in practice strategies that bridge academia and practice to integrate QSEN competencies into patient care settings.
  • Share strategies to promote academic-clinical partnerships that target quality and safety education and practice.  

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Telehealth Courses Now Available

An online, asynchronous, four-part telehealth course presents content on telehealth concepts and care specific to COVID-19. This HRSA-funded course from Case Western is free for a limited time (2.1 hours CE). For more information


Traditional Clinical Outcomes in Prelicensure Nursing Education: An Empty Systematic Review

Highlights lack of empirical literature on learning outcomes attributed to clinical education models.
Leighton, K., Kardong-Edgren, S., McNelis, A. M., Foisy-Doll, C., & Sullo, E. (2021). Traditional clinical outcomes in prelicensure nursing education: An empty systematic review. Journal of Nursing Education, 60(3), 136-142. Read more

Development and Testing of the Quality Improvement Self-efficacy Inventory

Describes a new QISEI instrument to measure nurses’ knowledge and skills in quality improvement.
Baernholdt, M., Jones, T. L., Anusiewicz, C. V., Campbell, C. M., Montgomery, A., & Patrician, P. A. (2021). Development and testing of the quality improvement self-efficacy inventory. Western Journal of Nursing Research, 193945921994158. Advance online publication. Read more

The Interprofessional Veterans Affairs Quality Scholars Program Pre- and Postdoctoral Nurse Fellow Outcomes

Describes VAQS program to prepare doctoral nursing fellows for leadership.
Abraham, C., Kleinpell, R., Godwin, K. M., & Dolansky, M. A. (2021). The interprofessional Veterans Affairs Quality Scholars program pre-and postdoctoral nurse fellow outcomes. Nursing Outlook, 69(2), 202-211. Read more

The Interprofessional VA Quality Scholars Program: Promoting Predoctoral Nursing Scientists and Their Career Trajectories

Describes KSAs gained by participants in the VAQS program that contribute to nursing research and professional growth.
Davey, C. H., Dolansky, M. A., Singh, M. K., & Aron, D. C. (2020). The interprofessional VA Quality Scholars Program: Promoting predoctoral nursing scientists and their career trajectories. Nursing Outlook 69(2). Read more


Whether you are a nursing faculty member or clinical nurse educator, if you are looking for innovative approaches to presenting course content in a traditional or virtual world, all while utilizing QSEN competencies, take a look at our QSEN Strategy repository.

Cory Doolittle: Impaired Nurse Simulation

Clinical judgment activity involving care for an impaired nurse/patient. Teaching Strategy. Read more

Teaching SBAR Using Story: Online and in Clinical Learning

Online, asynchronous SBAR reporting practice session using pre-recorded clinical stories. Teaching Strategy. Read more

Integration of QSEN Competencies and Transition to Practice Program Leadership into a Systems Shared Governance Structure

Learn how alignment of a shared governance model with a transition to practice program can positively impact nursing. Practice Strategy. Read more

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