QSEN Newsletter: January 2022


2022 QSEN International Forum

June 1-3, 2022  |  Denver Sheraton Downtown Hotel, Denver CO

Call for Abstracts

Call for Abstracts will open
November 1, 2021 to January 21, 2022

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Aligning the New AACN Essentials and QSEN:

The Future of Quality and Safety Competencies in Nursing Education and Practice

The conference learning outcomes:

  • Explore the alignment of the QSEN competencies and the new AACN Essentials.
  • Learn strategies for quality and safety competency integration into undergraduate and graduate curricula and practice settings.

The conference objectives:

  • Share innovations in education, professional development, and practice to enhance quality and safety in healthcare.
  • Disseminate quality and safety scholarship.

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Book: Advancing Quality and Safety in Healthcare
Advancing Quality and Safety in Healthcare: Protecting Patients, Improving Care explores core concepts of quality and safety and explains how to measure, qualify, and monitor quality and safety. Resources include stories and cases to encourage reflection and self-guided exercises to reinforce key concepts. Meet the author, Jean Johnson, at the 2022 QSEN conference. Read more.
Video Mini-Series: The Analysis for Healthcare Improvement

Don’t miss this quality improvement resource from the VA Quality Scholars Program. The five-part video mini-series introduces variation and run charts for healthcare improvement and reviews the differences between Special Cause Variation and Common Cause Variation. More information.


Submit Your Best Practices to QSEN
 Do you have a method for incorporating QSEN competencies into practice or teaching? Submit your work to the QSEN Practice Strategies or Teaching Strategies! For more information or to submit your strategy, go to https://qsen.org/strategies
Safety Risk Assessment Toolkit
Explore a free Safety Risk Assessment (SRA) Tool from the Center for Health Design. The SRA toolkit is a proactive process to mitigate risk, a discussion prompt for multidisciplinary teams, and an evidence-based design approach to identify solutions. Read more.
Resources from the Patient Safety Movement Foundation

Focus on a person-centered culture of safety in a continuous improvement framework using blueprints, checklists, videos, educational resources, and more from the Patient Safety Movement Foundation. More information.


Practice Strategy: IV Push Evidence-Based Practice Checklist
Read about an evidence-based approach to teaching nurses about IV-push medication administration. The checklist provides easy access to practice standards and competencies required for safe IV-push medication administration. Read more.

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