QSEN Newsletter: May 2021


Learn Cutting Edge Quality & Safety Strategies

January 4 to June 30, 2021 • Virtual Forum

The Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) International Forum is designed to attract nursing leaders in academia and practice to:

  • Share innovations or research in teaching strategies or curricular design that enhance QSEN competency integration in academic and practice settings.
  • Share innovations or research in practice strategies that bridge academia and practice to integrate QSEN competencies into patient care settings.
  • Share strategies to promote academic-clinical partnerships that target quality and safety education and practice.  

View the full schedule & learn more at qsen.org

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June 1st Pre-Virtual Live Event
Understanding the New AACN Essentials: Next Steps

Pre-Virtual Live event June 1st featuring AACN leader Kathy McGuinn MSN, RN, CPHQ, FNAP presenting Understanding the New AACN Essentials: Next Steps. Prior to the event, we are celebrating Healthy Nurse Healthy Nation (c) for a virtual Teaching Kitchen session featuring celebrity Chef Bal Arneson with guests Dean Carol Musil from the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing CWRU and Dean Patricia Sharpnack from the Breen School of Nursing Ursuline College. The event will start at 3pm with an Engagement Hour with our QSEN sponsors. Click here for details. For more information about the event.

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Sponsors of the
2021 QSEN International Forum


Sponsorship Information Statements

ATI Nursing Education

ATI Nursing Education’s main focus right now is to help you become as prepared as possible for the Next Generation NCLEX. We look forward to virtually meeting you in June during the live video chat opportunities and answering all of your questions, but until then be sure to check out and bookmark our Next Gen NCLEX resource center. We’ve created one comprehensive resource where you can learn more about clinical judgment (the backbone of the NGN), peruse expert guidance, and receive up-to-date information straight from NCSBN.

College of New Jersey School of Nursing, Health, and Exercise Science

The College of New Jersey School of Nursing, Health, and Exercise Science provides a traditional BSN program, an RN-BSN program, 4 MSN Nurse Practitioner tracks, and an MSN Nurse Educator Track. The college also supports the Quality and Safety Innovation Center led by Gerry Altmiller, which provides free programming and resources for quality and safety integration into nursing curricula.

Jacksonville University Master of Science in Healthcare quality and Safety

The Jacksonville University Master of Science in Healthcare Quality and Safety (HQS) program is one of an elite few in North America and is one of the 12 founding HQS schools working with the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME) to develop industry standards for healthcare quality and safety accreditation. Designed for working professionals, the HQS program is offered in a 100% online format to meet their needs! To learn more about our program, contact Joel Walker, Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions at 904-256-7428 or jwalker28@ju.edu.

NAHQ  National Association for Healthcare Quality

Stop by the NAHQ Breakout Room to learn how NAHQ educational resources can help you sharpen your skillset as an individual learner OR how you can leverage NAHQ’s content in your program’s curriculum. Plus, you can enter our giveaway for a copy of HQ Solutions, a desk reference that takes you through the process of building quality structures that enable reliable, quality care in any healthcare setting. ($199 value).

Oakland University

Overachievers thrive at Oakland University. OU cultivates the full potential of a diverse and inclusive community. As a public doctoral institution, we impact the region through education, clinical research, scholarship, and creative endeavors. The OU School of Nursing prides itself on providing a high-quality education that will ensure safe, best clinical experiences and access to faculty members who are leaders within the nursing profession. Visit us live on June 1st or online at  https://www.oakland.edu/nursing.

QI Macros

QI Macros® software enables you to create control charts, Pareto charts and histograms right in Excel. QI Macros has helped over 3,000 hospitals deliver improvements in quality, cost, and patient safety since 1997. $299/user; free 30-day trial at www.qimacros.com/trial.


StoryCare is the breakthrough standard for the next generation of professional nursing that provides robust, effective, turn-key story-based learning immersions to deliver skilled Nursing graduates “ready for anything.” StoryCare scenarios intentionally use audio stories and immersion through “theater of the mind” to allow students to reflect, think, and process, led by rich study guides. This easy-to-use system builds critical safety and systems thinking skills for professional success and better patient outcomes quickly and effectively.

Ursuline College’s Breen School of Nursing

Ursuline College’s Breen School of Nursing in Cleveland, Ohio offers several flexible, affordable, career-focused nursing programs to advance your practice. Our newest addition is a one-credit, graduate-level Telehealth course. The course is open to any health care professional interested in learning more about how to effectively use telehealth. Visit ursuline.edu/breen for more information.

VA Quality Scholars (VAQS)

The VA Quality Scholars (VAQS) is a 2-year fellowship program that has been training leaders and scholars in healthcare improvement for the VA for over 20 years, leading change nationally and internationally. It has an interprofessional emphasis with physicians, doctoral-trained nurses, clinical psychologists, and pharmacists as fellows and faculty. To learn more about VAQS, please visit our website at vaqs.org or contact us a vaqs@va.gov.


Trusted clinical technology and evidence-based solutions that drive effective decision-making and outcomes across healthcare. Specialized in clinical effectiveness, learning, research, and safety.


Survey: QSEN Competencies in Graduate-Level Curricula

Do MSN and DNP faculty integrate QSEN competencies into their teaching? All graduate-level faculty and leaders are invited to help researchers answer this question by completing an anonymous 12-question survey. For more information

High-Quality Mathematics Education for Nurses

Connect with math, statistics, and nursing educators around the country to explore next steps for enacting seven recommendations from the November 2019 convening of the High-Quality Mathematics Education for Nurses Task Force. For more information

When Things Go Right: The Paige Winter Story

The University of North Carolina QSEN Institute Regional Center hosted a panel discussion highlighting the QSEN competencies of interprofessional teamwork and coordinated care through the story of a shark-encounter survivor. See details here.

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