San Francisco Bay Area QSEN Work

Judith Karshmer, Dean, University of San Francisco School of Nursing & Audrey Berman, Dean, Samuel Merritt University School of Nursing had the opportunity to present at the 2015 QSEN National Forum and share their QSEN-related work from the Bay area.

San Francisco Bay Area ​Vision: Patients receive safe, high quality care during and after hospitalization-regardless of the local hospital in which they receive care.

Betty Irene Moore Nursing Initiative: Address patient harm locally: hospital and post-discharge

22 schools of nursing participated in the SFBA QSEN Institutes. – All ADN and BSN+ programs in 9-county area – Over 700 faculty members trained • Across all schools that participated, a mean of 76% of faculty have been trained in the QSEN competencies. • On average, 87% of courses now have QSEN content. • Over 3000 students (81% of total) completed courses modified with QSEN content (2013). • The four largest schools offering a BSN+ have fully incorporated QSEN into curricula.

QSEN/Joint Commission/Magnet Crosswalk
Align patient safety and quality language. • Demonstrate that QSEN competencies play a key role in integrating new graduates into the hospital setting. • Encourage schools of nursing to enhance curricula to highlight the connection of QSEN to The Joint Commission (TJC) and the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) Magnet® standards. • Long-term goal: Strengthen academic-practice partnerships, increased culture of patient safety, and quality care.

Lessons Learned:
QSEN is centered on clinical practice. • Responds to the needs of the healthcare of the 21st century. • QSEN, TJC, and Magnet standards all aim to promote patient safety and quality outcomes– commonality is present among the three standards. • Crosswalk is important in showing the value of a new graduate nurse’s education to potential employers and educators. • New graduate nurses can show evidence that education was rooted in QSEN with TJC and Magnet standards in mind.


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