Share Your Pandemic Story

Jennifer Bryer and Virginia Peterson Graziose are working on a new project. They are collecting stories from nurses regarding their experiences during the pandemic.

They are trying to reach as many nurses as we can.

The pandemic has been challenging for all of us, but none more so than the nurses who are working in the field with patients. As the world shut down, the vast majority of the public was able to retreat to the safety of their homes. Simultaneously, nurses were having a completely different experience. They were being asked to work longer hours with few supplies, and minimal, if any personal protective equipment. Covid was an unknown enemy shaking us all to the core.

Many nurses have been profoundly affected by what they endured and are continuing to face as the pandemic rages on. Most will live with the effects of these last few years for the rest of their lives.

They are collecting stories so that history will always remember what nurses endured caring for others during this time. They would love to hear from you about your experiences, the trauma, grief, fear, and hope of working as a nurse during an unprecedented worldwide pandemic.

If you choose to submit your story, you are consenting to potential editing and publication of your story as part of a compilation of narratives. Please feel free to include your name and state or country. If you wish to remain anonymous, no problem.

They are excited to hear everyone’s experiences so history will never forget!

Please submit your story to

Jennifer Bryer PhD, RN, CNE and Virginia Peterson Graziose DNP, CNE