SOAP Note Assignments to Demonstrate FNP Independent Practice Readiness

Submitter Information

Author: Jodi Allen, DNP, FNP-C
Title: FNP Program Coordinator/Assistant Professor
Institution: Purdue University Northwest

Competency Category(s)
Evidence-Based Practice, Patient-Centered Care

Learner Level(s)
Graduate Students

Learner Setting(s)
Clinical Setting

Strategy Type

Learning Objectives

Describe evidence-based practice to include the components of research evidence, clinical expertise, and patient/family values. (Knowledge)

Role model clinical decision making based on evidence, clinical expertise and patient/family preferences. (Skills)

Value the need for continuous improvement in clinical practice based on new knowledge. (Attitudes)

Strategy Overview

Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) students need to be proficient in assessment of patients and identification and management of the most common primary care acute and chronic disease processes. Competency based education requires demonstration of student ability to practice independently, managing previously diagnosed and undiagnosed patients within the full spectrum of health care services. Structured SOAP note assignments that require FNP students to address the most common primary care diagnoses were created for each of their practicum courses. FNP student’s initial practicum and SOAP notes focus on health promotion/disease prevention. The second practicum and SOAP notes focuses on clinical management of the young family (including women’s health), while the third practicum and SOAP notes focus on clinical management of the aging family. The final clinical synthesis and SOAP notes focus on the culmination of all other clinical experiences, including complex, co-morbid conditions and collaborative needs of the patient. Instructors, all seasoned nurse practitioners, provide feedback to ensure continued improvement in clinical application of evidence-based practice.

Submitted Materials


Additional Materials

The list of required SOAP notes and each practicum grading rubric is attached.

Evaluation Description

FNP students are evaluated using a rubric specific to the structured SOAP note assignment and equivalent to their level of learning within the FNP program. The rubrics level up with each new clinical experience, culminating in their final clinical synthesis.