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QSEN Teaching Strategies Director
(December 2018 – present)

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QSEN Teaching Strategies Coordinator
(March 2019 – present)

Fabrienne Alexander

QSEN Strategies Coordinator
(May 2017 – present)

Bethany Robertson

QSEN Practice Strategies Director
(December 2018 – present)

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QSEN Practice Strategies Coordinator
(March 2020 – present)

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Submission Title Submitter Organization Strategy Category Date
Unfolding Case Study with Live Role Play Allison Younger Stephen F. Austin State University Teaching Strategy Jun 5, 2019
Strategies to Decrease Student Anxiety and Improve Patient Safety in a Critical Care Clinical Setting Julie Hopkins Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing, Case Western Reserve University Teaching Strategy May 6, 2019
Safety Hazard Identification Simulation Matthew Fox Ohio University Teaching Strategy Apr 17, 2019
Critical Care Guidelines and Values: The Basics for Nursing Students Savana Eaton Stephen F. Austin State University Teaching Strategy Mar 29, 2019
Introduction of the Clinical Practice Guideline to Undergraduate Nursing Students Lori Fusco Youngstown State University Teaching Strategy Mar 29, 2019
Using End-of-Life Simulations Experience to Explore QSEN Competencies in the Didactic Nursing Classroom David Foley Case Western Reserve University Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing Teaching Strategy Mar 20, 2019
Appraising the Quality of Health Websites Beth Vottero Purdue University Northwest Teaching Strategy Mar 20, 2019
Implementation of a Math Simulation in First Semester Nursing Students in PreLicensure Programs Maria Calhoun Troy University- Montgomery Campus Teaching Strategy Mar 18, 2019
Collaborative Exams to Promote Learning Through Teamwork and Collaboration Katie Morales Berry College Teaching Strategy Jan 8, 2019
Systems Thinking for Quality Improvement: Innovative Teaching Strategy for Advanced Practice Janet M. Phillips Indiana University Teaching Strategy Dec 31, 2018
Quality Improvement Project for Prelicensure Nursing Students Gerry Altmiller The College of New Jersey Teaching Strategy Dec 7, 2018
The Use of the EHR with the Interdisciplinary Team: Improving Quality and Safety Keevia Porter University of Tenn HSC Teaching Strategy Nov 30, 2018
Circle of Objects Activity: Reflecting on Cultural Heritage Stacy Lutter York College of Pennsylvania Teaching Strategy Nov 2, 2018
Clinical Readiness Practice and Evaluation Lisa Concilio San Diego State University Teaching Strategy Nov 2, 2018
5 Minute Hand-off Report Rubric Diane Rudolphi University of Delaware Teaching Strategy Oct 2, 2018
Ten Minute Expert: Evidence-Based Bedside Teaching Bundle Shannon S. Polson University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Nursing Teaching Strategy Sep 7, 2018
Incorporation of QSEN Competencies in Clinical Kristen Doughty Delaware Technical and Community College Teaching Strategy Aug 22, 2018
Using Role Play in Community Health Alisa Gadon Phillips School of Nursing at Mount Sinai Teaching Strategy Aug 21, 2018
A Mock Hospital: Collaborating to Improve Quality and Safety Ann M. Stalter Wright State University College of Nursing and Health Teaching Strategy Aug 16, 2018
The Jigsaw Teaching Strategy: Maximizing Opportunities for Students to Explore QSEN Competencies Across Clinical Sites David Foley Case Western Reserve University Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing Teaching Strategy Aug 15, 2018
A Virtual Clinical Learning Experience/Reflection using Transformational Leadership and Systems Thinking Deborah Merriam Daemen College Teaching Strategy May 23, 2018
Admission Health History: Assessment Pocket Card Angela D. Jones Stephen F. Austin State University Teaching Strategy May 20, 2018
Evolving Stem Cell Transplant Simulation Scenario: Stem Cell Infusion and Mock Code Naomi Cazeau Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center/ Teachers College, Columbia University Teaching Strategy Apr 26, 2018
The Role of a Registered Nurse in an MCI (Mass Casualty Incident) Maritess Bernardo Rasmussen College Teaching Strategy Feb 5, 2018
Teaching Concepts of Transitional Care in an Adult/Gerontology Critical Care Clinical Brenda Johnson Illinois State University Mennonite College of Nursing Teaching Strategy Dec 21, 2017