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(December 2018 – present)

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QSEN Teaching Strategies Coordinator
(March 2019 – present)

Fabrienne Alexander

QSEN Strategies Coordinator
(May 2017 – present)

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QSEN Practice Strategies Director
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(March 2020 – present)

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Submission Title Submitter Organization Strategy Category Date
The Faculty Checklist Manifesto: Utilizing a QSEN based orientation checklist for the first day of a clinical rotation Kimberly Silver Dunker Worcester State University Teaching Strategy Dec 10, 2017
Academia – Practice Partnership: Integration of QI Capstone Projects in a Clinical Setting Lynette Savage Providence St. Joseph Health Teaching Strategy Nov 3, 2017
The Pop-Up Coffee House: Safely Promoting Relaxation and Social Interaction During Psychiatric-Mental Health Clinicals David Foley Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing Teaching Strategy Nov 1, 2017
Infusing Quality Improvement into clinical education Donna B. Lupinski Lorain County Community College Teaching Strategy Oct 27, 2017
QSEN Teaching Strategy: Sponge Relay and Cardiac Output Katie Morales Berry College Teaching Strategy Oct 25, 2017
Improving Communication with SBAR in the Clinical Setting Jalelah Abdul-Raheem Langston University Teaching Strategy Sep 15, 2017
The influence of human factors in medication errors: a root cause analysis Robyn B. Caldwell Auburn University Montgomery Teaching Strategy Aug 28, 2017
Rapid Cycle Learning in Simulation- Utilizing a postpartum hemorrhage scenario Randi Flexner Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey Teaching Strategy Apr 12, 2017
SAFETY Bundle Simulation Day Randi Flexner Rutgers,the State University of New Jersey Teaching Strategy Feb 14, 2017
An Education Strategy Engaging Nursing Students in a Classroom and Hospital Interprofessional Patient Safety Experience Beverly Capper Case Western Reserve University Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing Teaching Strategy Feb 7, 2017
Using Beers Criteriato Prevent Medication Related Problems in Older Adults Viki Saidleman East Central University Teaching Strategy Feb 6, 2017
Medication Administration Activity (Competency Assessment) Terri Briggs Mercy College of Nursing and Health Sciences – Southwest Baptist University Teaching Strategy Feb 2, 2017
Time Out! QSENizing the Curriculum Requires Educating the Educator Kristina Patterson St. Petersburg College Teaching Strategy Dec 19, 2016
Heath Informatics and Technology: Professional Responsibilities Annette Peacock-Johnson Saint Mary’s College Teaching Strategy Dec 14, 2016
Tic Tac Toe ABGs: Interpretation and Patient Safety Nancy Jaskowak Cresse Rutgers University School of Nursing-Camden Teaching Strategy Nov 28, 2016
Mind Mapping: An Active Classroom Learning Strategy Annemarie Rosciano Stony Brook University Teaching Strategy Nov 8, 2016
Enhancing Medication Safety Teaching through Remediation and Reflection Donna E. McCabe New York University Meyers College of Nursing Teaching Strategy Nov 1, 2016
Nurse as the leader of the team huddle. An unfolding oncology case study. Kimberly Silver Dunker Worcester State University Teaching Strategy Sep 21, 2016
Identifying QSEN competencies in the clinical setting Esther Gravis Saddleback College Teaching Strategy May 8, 2016
Quality-Safety Project Poster Elizabeth Murray Florida Gulf Coast University School of Nursing Teaching Strategy May 2, 2016
Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Educational Strategy for Pre-Licensure Students Kathleen Z. Wisser Notre Dame of Maryland University Teaching Strategy Mar 1, 2016
Post-Clinical Conference Bedside Reporting: Utilizing Priority Frameworks with Patient Assignments Heidi Benavides University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio Teaching Strategy Feb 12, 2016
Making QSEN Visible in the Classroom: Innovative use of In-Class Care Mapping Activity Karla Rodriguez New York University Teaching Strategy Feb 3, 2016
Bedside Assessment and Documentation Basics: A Pocket Card for Beginning Nursing Students Angela D. Jones Stephen F. Austin State University Teaching Strategy Jan 28, 2016