Brenda Wiles, MEd, MSN, RN.  Xavier University.

Pre-briefing occurs before the simulation scenario begins.  Expectations and information regarding the simulated patient are typically discussed (Page-Cutrara, 2014).  Only recently has the importance of pre-briefing been emphasized.  According to Page-Cutrara (2014), “The role of prebriefing in developing students’ abilities to notice aspects of the clinical situation, anticipate patient needs, and focus on the application of existing knowledge to meet simulation objectives may be beneficial for forming essential skills such as clinical judgment and thinking” (p. 140).


Author Topic Findings/Observations
Page-Cutrara Pre-briefing lit review N/A
Johnson, Lasater, Hodson-Carlton, Siktberg, Sideras, and Dillard, 2012 Role modeling during pre-briefing and it effect on clinical judgment Role modeling had a positive impact on clinical judgment during simulation (care of the older adult)



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