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Before submitting a strategy to the QSEN Institute, please review the following guidelines, policies, and instructions.

Teaching Strategy Author Guidelines

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Practice Strategy Author Guidelines

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Practice Strategy Submissions
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Practice Strategy Submissions
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Guidelines and Policies

The QSEN project team will evaluate each submission in terms of its relevance to quality and safety education and its overall grammatical presentation. However, submissions will not meet traditional criteria for peer review.

By completing a submission, you are giving permission for the information to be made available on this website. You may place all relevant information in the submission, you may upload additional files, or you may provide an overview but require interested faculty to contact you for additional materials. Regardless of which approach you take, by your submission, you are giving permission to receive inquiries and requests for information.

Each strategy requires a separate submission form; however, you may submit an entire course syllabus or module, if desired.

If you wish to remove your submission from the website, please contact us.

Contact Information


Author Information

Please provide all relevant author information, including your title, credentials, email, and organizational information. If you have coauthors, please provide their names, credentials, and titles as well.

Strategy Title

Choose any title of 12 words or less. You may want the title to reflect a specific competency, the type of strategy, or the target learner audience.

Competency Domain

Quality and safety competencies are inter-related, so more than one competency may be checked, but it will be most helpful to readers if you represent the focus of your submission as narrowly as possible.

Learner/Participant Level

If you have used this strategy with a variety of learners, check all that apply. Otherwise, choose the one learner level with whom you worked when the strategy was developed, implemented or evaluated.

Learning/Participant Setting

Check all settings to which your strategy can be easily adapted.

Strategy Type

Choose the one descriptor that best identifies your submission.

Learning/Practice Objectives

Describe the targets for learning or practice strategy using one or more of the knowledge, skills, or attitudes (KSAs) for prelicensure and graduate education published by QSEN: Pre-Licensure KSAs | Graduate KSAs

Include at least ONE QSEN Competency objective listed in the strategy objectives (links listed above). 

Strategy Overview

You will have up to 750 words to describe the strategy and how you have used or propose to use it. For some submissions, the entire strategy may be described in this section. Please include a brief statement(s) about how this strategy relates to quality and safety.


You have up to 300 words to describe evaluation strategies related to student learning, student or faculty satisfaction or employee/administration with this strategy. If none exists to date, readers will welcome ideas about how you think learning, satisfaction, or competency development could be assessed.

Strategy Materials

You can upload up to four files (PDFs, Word documents, etc.) which will be included as links in your strategy. You may request that people contact you for additional files in the Strategy Overview. Provide a description of the materials you are willing to share and direction for how to contact you.

You may wish to print the following guidelines for use during the electronic submission process.

Note:  Reports of research studies or academic assignments will not be accepted.

Review Process

Teaching Strategy Review Form

QSEN Teaching Strategy Review Form for a detailed list of the criteria you will be reviewed on.


Teaching Strategy Tips

Additional Author Tips: Teaching strategy Author Tips


Practice Strategy Review Form

QSEN Practice Strategy Review Form for a detailed list of the criteria you will be reviewed on.


Practice Strategy Tips

Additional Author Tips: Practice strategy Author Tips


How to Cite QSEN Strategy Publication


Example: Altmiller, G. (2019). Quality Improvement for Prelicensure Nursing Students. Quality and Safety Education for Nurses Strategy. 


Thank You

There are undoubtedly hundreds of ways to help learners develop competencies in patient-centered care, teamwork and collaboration, evidence-based practice, quality improvement, safety, and informatics. Thank you for sharing your ideas and experiences with one or more teaching /practice strategies. Your generosity adds to the collective wisdom about ‘what works’ and enhances the possibility that all nurses will one day consider these competencies to be fundamental to what it means to be a respected nurse.