Systems Thinking for Quality Improvement: Innovative Teaching Strategy for Advanced Practice

Submitter Information

Author: Janet M. Phillips, PhD, RN, ANEF
Title: Clinical Associate Professor
Institution: Indiana University

Competency Category(s)
Quality Improvement

Learner Level(s)
Graduate Students

Learner Setting(s)

Strategy Type
Paper Assignments

Learning Objectives

Evaluate the leadership role in participation, communication, and accountability for improving health care quality and safety in health systems using systems thinking.

Reflect on systems thinking to executive leadership roles in quality improvement in health care.

Apply principles of organizational readiness strategies for change

Identify the role of just culture in quality improvement.

Strategy Overview

Interview with a nurse executive to evaluate and reflect on the role of leadership using systems thinking for safety and quality improvement for advanced practice.

Submitted Materials


Additional Materials

Assignment Guidelines for Systems Thinking for Quality Improvement: Innovative Teaching Strategy for Advanced Practice with grading rubric

Phillips, J. M., Stalter, A. M., Dolansky, M. A., & McKee-Lopez. (2016). Fostering future leadership in quality and safety in health care through systems thinking. Journal of Professional Nursing, 32(1) 15-24. doi:10/1016/jprofnuurs.2015.06.003

Stalter, A. M., Phillips, J. M., Ruggiero, J. S., Scardaville, D. L., Merriam, D., Dolansky, M. A., Goldschmidt, K. A., Wiggs, C. M., Winegardner, S. (2016). Concept analysis of systems thinking. Nursing Forum 52(4), 323-330/ doi: 10.1111/nuf.12196 (Nursing Forum’s top 20 most downloaded papers in 2018)

Stlater, A. M. & Molta, A. (2018). Using systems thinking to envision quality and safety in healthcare. Nursing Management, 49(2), 32-39.

Evaluation Description

Evaluation is completed using the grading rubric (see rubric).