TCNJ Workshop with Videos

Infusing Quality and Safety Education for Nurses into Your Curriculum: A Workshop Funded by a grant from The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

AUTHOR(S):Altmiller, Gerry; Armstrong, Gail; Durham, Carol; Kenner, Carole


The QSEN Competencies include implementation of quality improvement strategies, evidence-based practice, patient safety, integration of informatics into patient care and health management, patient centeredness in care management, and strategies to improve the teamwork and collaboration required to achieve consistent positive outcomes and improve the delivery of care. Nurses must enter the workforce with these competencies, and nurse educators need support and strategies to embed these competencies into nursing education. These presentations focus specifically on providing nurse educators in the academic and practice arenas, the knowledge and resources necessary to fully and effectively integrate these competencies into teaching plans in both settings. The workshop highlights research findings related to the QSEN Competencies, as well as resources available to engage nurses and nursing students in work that promotes competency development. Nationally recognized experts in patient care, nursing education, and quality improvement provide the instruction and coaching for these presentations. The overarching goal of these presentations is to provide nurse educators with the knowledge needed to develop and implement teaching strategies that support integration of the QSEN Competencies into education programs for nurses and nursing students in order to improve quality, safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of health care for all Americans.


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