TeamSTEPPS Resources for QSEN from AHA Team Training

AHA Team Training’s Mighty Network

Join the AHA Team Training Mighty Network to gain access to exclusive content, thought-provoking conversations, expert perspectives, and a diverse group of health care professionals committed to improving teamwork and communication. Mighty Network will enable the Team Training community to support, connect, and engage with one another like never before.

Within the community platform, AHA Team Training is fostering an environment where resources and solutions can directly reach the hands of those who need them most. Your stories, experiences and tools may be exactly what your peers need to solve a problem or seize an opportunity. Mighty Network members are encouraged to share stories, tools, and content so teams of experts can be transformed into expert teams.

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Understanding TeamSTEPPS Guide

A comprehensive TeamSTEPPS guide is available for download from AHA Team Training. Understanding TeamSTEPPS outlines what TeamSTEPPS is as well as various implementation methodologies based on different organizational goals and resources. Also included in the guide are several case studies highlighting the work of different health care systems that are using TeamSTEPPS to create and sustain a culture of safety to provide high-quality patient care.

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TeamSTEPPS Pocket Guide

An essential, go-to resource, the Pocket Guide is a quick reference to TeamSTEPPS tools and principles. Download a free PDF version or purchase a 10-pack from the AHA Online Store.

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About TeamSTEPPS and AHA Team Training

AHA Team Training has created a short document that provides high level information about their program and flagship educational program. Download a PDF for a shareable summary of AHA Team Training and TeamSTEPPS.

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